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Catherine Hachon was born in Paris in 1965. After entering Fine Arts in Nîmes in 1981 under the successive direction of Claude Viallat and Alain Clément, she obtained the National Diploma of Plastic Expression (DNESP) in 1987.

She takes part in a tour of group traveling exhibitions France / Germany on the occasion of a twinning between Heidelberg and Montpellier.

In 1997 she will be selected for a residency in NewYork, Triangle Artist'Workshop, where she will stay in Monroe, and will exhibit at the Fiterman Gallery, New York, USA. "Point of Contact", (selections from the Triangle Artists Workshop). Curated by Karen Wilkin & Michael Chisolm, Shirley.

Active member of the coincidence association, in the 2000s which brings together artists from Nîmes Anne Pons, VaLérie Crausat, Brigitte Conesa, Pascal Marchésie ... and the historian Marielle Barascud, the group will be at the initiative of artistic events; exhibitions, Nîmes / Marseille exchanges, Open House workshops, production of small editions, presentation of the “Hydravions” collection at Panetier ...

In 2012, the friends of the Contemporary Art Museum "Carré d'Art" organized a series of exhibitions devoted to the creation of women in the region of which it is part, which will be the subject of a representation and a presentation. catalog "Le regardeur n ° 5" Revue of the Association of Friends of the Contemporary Art Museum of Nîmes with a text by René Pons in October 2011.

She has since devoted herself to realizations on paper: large-scale watercolors sometimes covered with nylon stockings, watercolor stains delicately cut out then pinned like constellations on the wall, or, superimposed on engravings. But she also participates in the development of artist's books published by Rivières or Du Bourdaric.

Finally, she finds her balance between creation and transmission, which is why she was also: guide lecturer at Carré d'art (Museum of contemporary art, Nîmes), teacher of Applied Arts at ATEC (school of restoration of pictorial works in the Bouches du Rhône), at the Maison des Compagnons and at the CFA of the CCI of Marguerittes.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.



2021 Roue libre galerie Valley Below

2019 Moments perdus N°58 Nîmes

2016 Au Bizarre Nîmes 

 Aquarelle & gravure Carré d’art Restaurant Nîmes

2012 3e Biennale SUDESTAMPE Atelier Philippe Roussel Nîmes 

2012 ‘’Emulsion Shiva’’ Galerie de la Salamandre Nîmes 

2010 Galerie du Chapitre Nîmes 

2009 Galerie La tangente Marseille 

2007 Galerie Isidore Roland Châteaurenard 

2005 Bienvenue à bord Némausus Nîmes 

2000 Artiste invitée de L’association Carnet D’art, Orangerie D’Yrouère 

1997 Galerie Eloge de l’ombre Uzès 



2020 Délices Coloris, Galerie EUROP’Art Aigues MorteS

SUDESTAMPE Atelier de Reliure XXI Nîmes

2018 Quatre à quatre Rue St Rémy Nîmes

2017 Noëlisation Mund’art Marseille

(et) en même temps Galerie Adoue de Nabias Nîmes

2016 Je m’anîmes Etant donné Nîmes 

2015 Artiste invitée de l’association Gravure les cheminots Nîmes 

2014 Rivière d’artistes Lycée Louis Feuillade Lunel 

2013-12 Beauté et Handicap. Chapelle des Jésuites Nîmes 

2012 Regard’ elles Bienvenue à bord. Némausus Nîmes 

Fraîcheur, Château d’Aubais. Carte blanche à Valérie Crausaz 

Regard’ elles AAMAC Chapelle des Jésuites Nîmes 

17 artistes et le cirque. Galerie du Chapitre

2002 Traverse Château de l’Empéry 5 ans « Un petit pan de ciel bleu » 

Salon de Provence 

2000 Carte blanche, Alain Clément Galerie HD Nick Aubais 

COÏNCIDENCE Galerie des Arènes Nîmes 

Acte XXIV Hôtel des Allégories Nîmes 

1999 Grands Bains Douches de la plaine Marseille 

1997 Points of Contact Shirley Fiterman Gallery New-York 

1996 41e Salon de Montrouge « Midi pile » 84 Jeunes Artistes du Sud Montrouge

1995 Ils usinent au plan Vacher. Nîmes 

Face à Face Galerie Arthème Florac 

1994-93 Kultur on tour France/ Allemagne Montpelier, Uzès, Schetzingen Angelbacht, Stuttgart, Schriesheim, Masch, Eberbach 

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