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My gouge is incisive, I draw blind without premeditation, just crossing the surface as one freshens a passage in a thicket. Cutting in the material to pass the light, because, I know that what I start will become the white of the paper. The superimposition of the plates and the color further blur the reading of the initial drawing. We let ourselves be caught in a current ...

Plant pattern?

"Engraving by the sum of its technical constraints does not leave the spotlight to chance ..." But I like to let myself be surprised by the printing.

I gradually integrate a work of painting in this case watercolors in prints (lino and woodcut in the background) a way of apprehending the form on a background and making it vibrate.



This is the first time that I force myself to stay in a circle!

From one watercolor to another I explore.

Another form of exploration is a daily attention to confinement and to this unchanged power that I find in painting that of being able to escape, despite the isolation or the conditions of the reality of the moment.

What this will change, I very much hope! ... that confinement helps people to refocus on themselves on the essential and become aware of their freedom to be at the moment T.



I produce spots as one sows granules each of these spots is considered as an entity in itself "a flower to be gathered".

The hollowing out of these stains, a large layer of watercolor paper from which all the stains were extracted with a scalpel, leaves openings and marks their absence ...

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