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Sans titre Huile sur toile 150x120 cm .t

"I always start by circling around the canvas on the ground. There is the one that I contain, the one that I walk around. Which thought prevails? Turn, return, center, shift, aware of limits, stumble, dive. . my gestures follow one another with rapidity and precision. The first traces appear ... lull. First observation, moment of breathing, of recognition? The color has made its bed. The canvas is even more present, it seems to me fragile, determining, untouchable Painting where painting is not. Retracing its traces, lodging there, digging, modeling. Colors sometimes give way to their shadows, become one. Islands of paint rise to the surface. "


Watercolors on paper

Watercolor, for its intrinsic qualities of color and fluidity, is the essence of my work. The chance of the stain, of the drips of the colored impregnations, creates subjective devices capable of conveying images, effects, which make painting meaningful without appealing to drawing. My work unfolds like a bubbling, an organized flowering on the surface of the painting.

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